Working at cetacea

Working at cetacea
  • What makes cetacea a unique employer?

    As experts in the People Dimension, we guide and accompany managers and employees in changes and particularly challenging situations.

    Our projects are exciting. At the same time they are strenuous and challenging. Our clients have the highest expectations regarding our consulting and implementation services. We enjoy what we are doing and grow with our challenges.

    Our tasks are diverse. At cetacea, no day is like the other – and not always as we expected it in the morning. Special situations provide everything, except daily routines. One must enjoy that kind of variety and spontaneity.

    One thing that always holds true: cetacea sticks together. Our corporate culture is our foundation and our greatest asset. At the same time everybody owns their contribution to success.

    We structure ourselves in teams – at our offices or during on-site deployment for the client. And even if an account manager or project head is in the lead: at cetacea competence comes before hierarchy. The competence of our employees is our most precious resource. That is why our team is set up interdisciplinarily.

  • How do I join cetacea?

    You want to apply, even if currently no positions are advertised? We are always interested in convincing applications. Please send your documents to Andrea Maier.

    What to know for the application process?

    What education are we looking for?

    Ideally you have a degree in business studies, law, sociology, politics, communications or media science and/or have completed vocational training as an editor or communications consultant.

    What additional qualifications do we expect?

    We are looking for people that enrich our team with their personality and character. Furthermore they should convince us with their expertise, strong communication skills, structured work and confident self-presentation.

    Next to excellent written and oral skills we expect strong English skills (written and orally).

    Applicants should furthermore have relevant experience in consulting, corporate communication, working in communications agency or in journalism.

    Also we are looking for

    • Strong analytical thinking
    • Deep understanding of business context
    • Far-reaching conceptual abilities
    • Distinct focus on implementation
    • Clear service mentality and customer focus

    Competences in further languages, project management and event management are advantageous.

  • Am I a good fit for the cetacea team?

    cetacea” is the Latin word for the order of whales. We chose this namesake because whales have one of the most highly developed navigation systems, and on top of that, practise sophisticated, highly efficient and powerful communication. For our customers, we want to achieve on land what these impressive animals achieve underwater. You want to work with us? Then ideally the following characteristics distinguish you:

    Resilience. The high demands of our clients require full commitment – especially at peak times.

    Flexibility. The diverse, individual special situations of our clients are not solved by off-the-rack solutions. At cetacea no day is like the other – the tasks and requirements change with every project.

    Change affinity. What we impart on our clients, we also live ourselves. cetacea employees identify with their clients and their special situations, in order to achieve the best possible results as the strong partner at their side.

    Uncomplicatedness and team spirit. The cetacea team works closely together and likes to do so – as do our clients with us. Working with us is supposed to be fun.

    Strength in character. Just like we don’t believe in off-the-rack solutions, we don’t believe in people off-the-rack. cetacea employees are authentic individuals with heart and mind.

    Professional ambition. We never walk the path of least resistance for our clients, but seek to find excellent solutions. We demand the best from ourselves and are tough where it counts.

    Above average methodology and skills. We support our clients from the well-founded analysis, to strategic planning and implementation up to the success measurement. This requires strategic and methodological competence and an understanding of business contexts and communications mechanisms.

    Passion. cetacea employees want more than just a job and are enthusiastic about corporate special situations, that place the highest demands on the leadership of an organization.

    Growth ambitions. Personal and professional development have a high priority for us. cetacea employees learn during the daily business and enjoy taking on responsibility and growing with their tasks.

    Enjoying success. At cetacea we work hard – and celebrate our success. We take pride in our victories – and then tackle the next project with new energy.

  • What distinguishes cetacea as a company?

    What makes us unique: market positioning

    We specialise in change management, communication and coaching & training in special situations. Our core competences include extensive transformation programs in organisations.

    We appreciate the complexity of global corporations as well as the down-to-earth nature of SMEs or the dynamic of start-ups. Many cetacea employees themselves were employees, managers or even top-managers in large organisations and bring their well-found know-how regarding corporate communications and transformation with them, as well as their operational understanding of business and organisational development.

    As a leading strategy consultancy for transition management, we are well versed in developing strategic change and communication concepts from well-founded analyses. But that is not enough for us. We are also professionals in the operational implementation.

    We do not work exclusively on the factual level. We are aware of the great importance of “soft factors” and the emotional components of project management and communication and always take these into consideration.

    What also makes cetacea unique is its flexibility: our teams are put together based on the situational needs of our clients. They develop bespoke solutions during their deployment and seamlessly integrate themselves into the clients structures. While doing so cetacea experts can take on the management of the entire change process or just of individual measures as part of a larger team.

    What we stand for: Guiding principle and values

    Our vision

    We are the first choice for organisations in challenging situations, because we are the leading expert for internal and external change management and communication in special situations for start-ups, SMEs and DAX-companies.

    During special situations in Germany only one number is called – ours: 089 599 455 80.

    Our Mission

    We support our clients in their special situations – by helping them to manage their risks and achieving their strategic and operational goals.

    Our Values

    Enthusiasm. We enjoy our tasks and the challenges that come with them. That makes us passionate.

    Excellence. We are demanding and committed to the best result. That makes us professional.

    Identification. We identify with our clients and are always available. That makes us approachable.

    Diversity. We place high value in creativity and innovation. That makes us agile.

    Responsibility. We are constantly aware of our great responsibility. That makes us trustworthy.

    What we engage ourselves with: social responsibility

    Research and Teaching

    We want to share our knowledge with students. That is why cetacea colleagues have teaching mandates at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and the Hochschule München and give guest lectures at the Technisch Universität München on topics such as change management, project communication or employer branding.

    Protection of whales

    We are fascinated by our namesakes, whales and dolphins. That is why we want to contribute to their protection of their eco-system and support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS).