We provide strategic consulting services alongside the conception and implementation of tailor-made measures, followed by performance measurement. Our competences cover all disciplines of communication, change management, and coaching & training.

Workshop Cascades

Workshop cascades push the discussion of one or more topics into the depths of the organisation in a top-down cascade. Usually, these workshops do not all have the exact same content and also take place in different formats. In an ideal case, the participant of a workshop can subsequently moderate a workshop on the next lower level. To ensure the necessary impact and sustainability, the results must be communicated in a bottom-up manner in order to define concrete action items.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Conception of the workshop (content and format)
  • Definition of the cascade and cascading process
  • Definition of participants by hierarchy level
  • Drafting of the methodology and definition of the content-related specification along the topic and objective
  • Conception and development of working materials and other documents
  • Execution of the cascades and, if necessary, moderation
  • Post-production (processing of the results)
  • Derivation of actions and measures
  • Development of formats to provide feedback
  • Enabling of key people (e.g. train-the-trainer) and briefing of the facilitator

Change Management Training

Change Management Training enables managers and executives (program and project leaders, department and location branch heads) to shape and spearhead the change process within their sphere of influence. The training discusses the fundamentals of change management, the interaction of change management and change communication, the development of a change organisation and the methods and measures of change management.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Change management seminars
  • Individual change management workshops
  • Consulting on current change projects

Project Manager & Executive Training

Project Manager & Executive Training enable managers with operational responsibility and their teams to achieve better results in change processes. By conveying proven procedures and methods for resolving conflict as well as the critical analysis of individual working methods – with consideration of the “outside perspective” – goals are defined, conflicts resolved, potential for optimisation identified, motivation generated, specific know-how developed and practical implementation guidelines provided.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Project manager training
  • Project communication training
  • Training on special topics such as leadership, change management, communication skills and time management
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • 360° feedback
  • Self- and team assessment
  • Training on the job
  • Project set-up and department development
  • Support with implementation

Management Coaching

Top Management Coaching helps board members and managers in leadership positions to meet the demands of their responsible position in change processes. In terms of their expertise, managers are usually unimpeachable. However, they have not always learnt what qualifies as good leadership, they may not be familiar with the demands that extensive change projects entail and they would like to communicate more and better, but get stuck in their old routine. Whatever the situation may be, coaching means developing skills relating to – and the strategic demands of – the company’s situation.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Communication training
  • Media training
  • Analysis of the leadership style and the self/public image
  • Positioning
  • Role and conflict analysis
  • Business development
  • Specification of goals
  • Development of action plans
  • Support for the implementation
  • Conception of team workshops

Controlling & Monitoring

Controlling & Monitoring measure the progress and success of the program. The progress can more or less be measured by inherent indicators, such as reaching milestones on time and on budget. The success, however, manifests as the change of indicators that exist independently of the program, such as KPIs. To be able to assess the success of a program, these indicators need to be defined and measured before the program starts, and where necessary – if they are not tracked – with a neutral point measurement.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Identification or development of appropriate KPIs for measuring success
  • Conception and execution of a neutral point measurement (quantitative and/or qualitative)
  • Conception and execution of success measurement(s)
  • Conception and execution of mood and team barometers
  • Feedback formats (online survey, competitions, employee surveys and interviews)
  • Progress tracking
  • Audits

Branding & Campaigns

Branding & Campaigns give a face to the change process and get to the heart of it, combine individual elements to form a bigger picture, create a recognition factor and convey emotion. They are immediately understandable, have a broad impact and are adaptable to many channels.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Program branding (name, key visual, visual vocabulary and imagery)
  • Conception of multimedia campaigns (messages, dramaturgy, elements and procedure)
  • Campaign design
  • Campaign organisation, steering and rollout
  • Production of branding and campaign material


Stakeholder Management requires the consideration of the goals, expectations and needs of all internal and external stakeholders, and to align them as much as possible with the goals of the change process. The more successful this is, the lower the risk is when implementing a project. Resistance to implementation can only be avoided if the project has considered the political dimension.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Continuous stakeholder analysis
  • Diagnosis of risks and analysis of potentials
  • Conception of preventive and supportive measures
  • Integration into the project organisation, for example, as focus groups, sponsors or sparring partners etc.
  • Organisation, preparation and processing of status meetings and calls
  • Project communication and project marketing
  • Conception and supervision of feedback formats

Employee Mobilisation

Employee Mobilisation is crucial in change processes, since the program will fail if a critical mass of employees is not reached, not convinced of the changes or not gained as supporters. The employees must be convinced using rational arguments, moved emotionally, and they need to be willing to gain enthusiasm for the program.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Conception and execution of company-wide big-bang-events
  • Development of campaigns
  • Organisation and supervision of change agents networks
  • Development of a visual vocabulary, identifying markings and sympathy carriers
  • Conception of symbolic acts
  • Conception and production of films and other audio-visual formats
  • Organisation of programs for the exchange of knowledge, experience and cultural perspectives
  • Initiation of competitions, games and group activities
  • Establishment of feedback channels and tools for interaction and dialogue

Leadership Enabling

Enabling leadership is an important success factor in change processes. Leaders not only need to carry the program together, but also need to carry it into the organisation and ensure that all colleagues understand the content, reasons and targets, and are willing to implement them. Enabling leadership means that managers are provided with the tools and abilities to meet their responsibilities.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Integration into the development of essential elements of the program
  • Creation of background material such as manuals, communication materials and Q&A documents
  • Conception and production of tool kits for the execution of workshops and action packs for the implementation of individual measures
  • Development of material for independent communication
  • Conception and execution of seminars and train-the-trainer programs
  • Conception and supervision of exclusive areas of the intranet

Corporate Principles

Corporate principles reflect a company’s self-understanding, what goals it wants to achieve, and with what culture and based on what philosophy. It is often the case that, although the content is understood, it is not practised in daily operations. Corporate principles are not self-fulfilling. Rather, they require the employees in order to be perceptible. They must work to live these principles, and the inherent promise of such principles will only be put into effect if their content is made available at all points of contact. Changing a mentality means that the people who are supposed to take on the new way of thinking must be accompanied along the path to change. The content can only become part of daily operations and offer its contribution to corporate success if an understanding is reached of what a value or vision means for a unit, country or person.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Development and formulation of principles
  • Conveyance of principles and their meaning
  • Involvement of managers and employees into the process (bottom-up or top-down)
  • Breakdown of the content according to business units, departments, regions or countries
  • Creation of information and marketing material
  • Operationalisation of the principles
  • Rollout into units, regions and countries
  • Mobilising campaigns
  • Setup and steering of a network of multipliers
  • Development of a business link and measurement of success

Project Organisation & Leadership

Project Organisation & Leadership should be as lean as possible and as broad as necessary. It must be lean to ensure the project’s agility, and broad in order to collect the perspectives of key stakeholders in the core team and the steering committee, and to imbed the project in the organisation.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Design of the project organisation and support in the assignment of individual roles
  • Definition of responsibilities and development of a governance model
  • Project leadership and project management
  • Operational support of the project team
  • Establishment and supervision of social collaboration platforms
  • Interface management
  • Internal project communication

Change Design & Strategy

Change Design & Strategy describes the path and methodology of change from the current state to the target state. They define the general direction, delineate the change story and the big picture, and explain general design criteria for the development of concrete measures.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Definition of the objectives of the change process
  • Planning of the process and key milestones in a chronological sequence (roadmap)
  • Coordination and structuring of individual projects
  • Imbedding the program in the corporate agenda
  • Development of the program’s big picture, change story and key messages
  • Definition of the target groups and buy-in of stakeholders
  • Conception of measures for the different target groups

Survey & Analysis

Every change process begins with a Survey & Analysis. Only those who know where an organisation stands, and where their explicit and secret pain points are, can apply the right leverage from the right angle with the right amount of force. Parts of the survey area normally include paradigms of the organisation, the corporate culture, the willingness to change, the general mood in the company and any other specific issues.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Consultation regarding the definition of survey dimensions
  • Design of the survey and questionnaire
  • Execution and analysis of qualitative interviews with managers and employees
  • Supporting analysis of communication and other materials
  • Overall presentation of the results
  • Derivation of recommendations for the creation of the change process and definition of supporting measures

Events & Workshops

No communication measure can replace the immediate impression of an experience. Thus, an event is an effective corporate communication tool. It thrives on the dramatic composition of the key actors, the location, the visual presentation, and the light and sound effects. All this must naturally be in alignment with and support the aim of the content.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Project leadership, planning and execution
  • Design, conception, implementation and evaluation
  • Conferences and specialist events
  • Roadshows and in-house trade fairs
  • Trade fairs and conventions
  • Opening ceremonies, product introductions and customer events
  • Employee and leadership events
  • Press conferences
  • Incentive trips

External Communication

In the larger sense of the term, external communication is the communication between an organisation and its external stakeholders. This includes business partners, customers, investors, suppliers, journalists and politicians. The aim is to install a coherent, believable and positive perception of the company, which influences commercial success, customer acquisition and customer retention. In special situations and change processes, this image is generally threatened and questioned. Thus, external communication would no longer be consistent ambient noise and would have to deliver the right messages to the right people in the shortest time possible.

Our range of services (excerpt):

Survey and analysis of the impact and target achievements

Consulting and development of the entire strategy for corporate communication

Development of an agenda as well as a roadmap, project leadership and implementation

Development of new tools and formats for efficient corporate communication

Further development and professionalisation of existing communication formats to fulfil their potential

Development of press releases, editorial visits, press conferences, professional articles, newsletters, trade fairs and road shows

Issue management/crisis prevention and crisis communication

Communication Infrastructure

A communication infrastructure is the entirety of all internal and external media that a company uses as well as the resources available for development and distribution (measured in manpower and budget). In special situations and change processes, this infrastructure is often not quantitatively and/or qualitatively powerful enough, and thus needs to be expanded, at least temporarily.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Analysis of communication measures, communication needs, media usage and development potential
  • Development, further development and professionalisation of communication formats and tools
  • Measures to increase scope and frequency
  • Setup or optimisation of processes and structures
  • Development of governance models for corporate communication
  • Audits for position planning and description as well as key performance indicators of the communication department

Strategy & Conception

Strategy & Conception is the basis of all impact-oriented communication. They define the target groups, the messages, the measures, media and channels, the roadmap and content. They assign responsibilities and imbed communication in the strategic and operational context. The respective corporate history and culture must be considered.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Strategy and concept development for internal and external communication
  • Strategy and concept development for special projects, recurring communication and comprehensive campaigns
  • Stakeholder analysis and target group definition
  • Development of potential scenarios and correlating courses of action


Visual communication is of great importance for the overall success of communication. Consistent, effective and well thought-out visual vocabulary creates emotions and identification, provides content with stories and increases the recognisability of a program or an initiative. Design covers all tasks relating to creation and implementation, from basic corporate branding to individual advertisement materials and appearances.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Corporate design, logo, typography and manuals
  • Brand guardianship, design consulting and brand management tools
  • Development of guiding principles and key visuals
  • Brochures, catalogues, book covers, advertisements, campaigns, websites, newsletters and packaging
  • Product introduction
  • Office branding and furniture concepts
  • Exhibition development, trade fair design and communication, and event conception
  • Lead systems
  • Installation concept
  • Digital signage

Project Communication

An increasing number of project leaders are becoming pioneers for change processes, as they not only carry over new structures, processes, approaches and models, but also offer interpretation aid and provide new value systems and behavioural patterns in a time that is shaped by uncertainty and ambiguity. Project communication supports the implementation of change, the development of a capable team that is able to provide information immediately, the conveyance of reasons for the project, its goals and results to the company, and effects the buy-in of all relevant external stakeholders.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Consulting, development of the communication strategy, agenda and roadmap for all project phases
  • Stakeholder analysis and development of appropriate strategies
  • Planning, steering and implementation of communication measures, online and offline
  • Composition of project e-mails, newsletters and articles in internal media
  • Development of an intranet presence, presentations, project documentation, and project wikis and blogs
  • Development and implementation of events, workshops, roadshows and all hands meetings
  • Moderation of internal workshops, learning sessions and team building processes
  • Development of a network of promoters and ambassadors

Internal Communication

Internal communication defines how informed employees are, and to what degree they understand decisions and can put them into action. To a large extent, it defines how people in the company understand change and special situations, how they handle them and how they react to them. Due to their specific role and responsibility, the managers of a company usually form their own target group of internal communication, who are often informed at an early stage – more extensively and in greater detail –about current events and decisions, and the majority of employees are prepared for future developments. One of the reasons for this is that the managers themselves shape a large part of the internal communication themselves.

Our range of services (excerpt):

  • Analysis of corporate and communication culture
  • Strategy and concept development for internal communication
  • Definition of goals, target groups, messages and measures
  • Conception and development of internal information and communication measures (magazines, newsletters, intranet, employee and leadership events, Board chats, CEO blogs, project wikis, multimedia formats, collaboration tools, social media applications and team contests etc.)
  • Intranet analysis, consulting and project leadership for online projects
  • Measures for the emotionalisation of content and buy-in of relevant target groups