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Study: CEO Communication

Author: cetacea GmbH

cetacea’s empirical study, which was conducted in cooperation with Atreus Interim Management examines the communication of CEOs in German companies. CEOs, board of directors and executive managers are increasingly perceived as central figures of identification in an organisation and provide guidance both internally and externally. Despite the fact that all the 68 participating CEOs and 54 Directors of Communications recognise CEO-Communications to be of great importance to the presentation and management of a company and thus its success, it is frequently not professionally implemented. Participants of the study lament the lack of financial and time resources.

→ We are sorry, at the moment our study on project communication is only available in German.

Study: Project Communication

Author: cetacea GmbH

The empirical study conducted by cetacea in cooperation with Atreus Interim Management and the German Project Management Association (GPM) is the first comprehensive study on project communication in German-speaking countries. It reveals a significant gap between the acknowledged relevance of communication as a crucial success factor for projects and daily project practice.