Our added value

Why cetacea?

Through the expertise of its professionals, cetacea supports companies in particularly challenging situations to meet their targets, shape transition and accompany people on the path to change.

The hallmarks of these situations are…

… considerable discontinuity in the business

… a difficult decision-making process in relation to the solution

… great pressure to implement and succeed

… high risk in relation to implementation

In such situations, it is essential to manage and considerably reduce risks through communication, change management and coaching & training. These are critical success factors and often crucial for survival, especially when a company finds itself in an exceptional situation.

cetacea pursues the goal of minimising frictional losses and increasing the speed of implementation in collaboration with its customers. We contribute to the success of change processes by transferring programs smoothly into everyday working life and achieving project targets faster, maintaining regular operation and preventing performance, productivity and revenue from being jeopardised. Our ideas are based on content, on an understanding of business and on experience with exceptional situations. Our actions are driven by the need for speed, the perfect fit as well as a high degree of empathy for the organisation and the knowledge about what concerns, engages and moves people. We provide consultation, conception and implementation through to success monitoring via on-site deployment, interim placement or from our offices.